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Dick Pictures

I'm 47 my email is utm22120@gmail.com

Email me your cock pics and I will send more. Tell me what you want and chat

I like to share and also cam

36 years old
contact me at carrron1@yahoo.com

I'M 25 year old hairy Indian love to see & play with cock.

I'd like to trade pics with people.

If u are interested plz contact me at roydinesh112@gmail.com

Hi, 28 years strong male here. My cock size is 5.5 inch. Its head is very big. I just want to get comments for my cock. If you want more pictures I will send.


Email: samita250@gmail.com

Just showing what I look like, if you like it or want it contact me at pluto5150@yahoo.com, I am 38

62 bi married cock, enjoy trading pics with other men. Favorite sport, jacking off.

Email: 7x5.meat@gmail.com

60 year old Bi who loves looking at cock pictures. Living in the UK and can be contacted asdoc1000@gmail.com

Hi, I am married, bi-curious. I get turned on more and more by sexy cock pictures and hot sexy chat. If you are interested contact me at fgth62@yahoo.com.

Hey guys! I'm John from Houston Tx! I'm 22 years old and I've been on here before just looking to have more fun!

 I love showing myself off and I'm down to meet if you're close!

P.s. I leak a lottttt! Email me alwayshard23.23@gmail.com

45 year old, Straight/curious looking to cam, trade pics, videos. Love all shape sizes. Jeh007@hotmail.co.uk

35 years old, just like to get people's opinions on my cock and what they think? t_litton@hotmail.com

25 year old straight male here. Willing to trade cock photos with anyone who wants to see more of my cock. 6.75" long, 5.5" girth. bbates222@yahoo.com

Hey, I am a cute guy with blonde hair & blue eyes. I am 25 & live in Canada. Not into trading cock pictures, but if you want to see more pics of my smooth boner I will send some to you. Love to show it off !!!

I'm married my wife also likes to look at cocks. Nice to make contact with another couple or a guy to swap photos.


Hi Guys. Looking to trade pictures and even vids. I'm 50, 7.5 x 6 inches - send me some pics! Straight/Gay and love big cock too. Email: kingteej@yahoo.com

Got a new ambition to stretch my ball bag , love low hangers, got exercises and a heavy padlock to start with.
My email fifty8ex@ gmail.com

Dick Pictures Trade

I'm 28 years old and bi curious. Looking to trade pics and possibly more with someone similar to myself. 5'10, 190lbs, smooth shaved 6" cut dick. I think I'm on the thicker side of average, but would love to hear what you think.

Straight, Married, Bi-Curious male 60 NY/NJ area interested in trading dick pictures and possibly meeting for first sucking experience.

I love to suck cock, more if the chemistry is there, my mouth opens really wide and I swallow. Mmmmmm, sucking another one too, wider for my mouth.

Hi, I am 55 years old 195 lbs, not much hair 7 inch cut. kevin58s@yahoo.com Love to play and pic online? Here some pics.

Hi ...53 years old,  6'1", 240 lbs, bisexual, looking for men that are bisexual too. I love looking at cock pics, live in the DC metro area, come on let's have some fun!


43 5'10" 150lbs from NW IN. comeinme66@outlook.com

Loving the great pictures!

I am 28 white male from Durban South Africa. Please share my cock with others and feel free to share yours with me: stevenrams@gmail.com

55 y.o. like sharing great pictures. Enjoy getting off with a buddy on skype. midwestranger@yahoo.com

Great Cock Pictures and Videos

26 I'm bi curious and love cocks keen on sharing great pictures and maybe videos so send me some pics and I'll send you mine Nsatinofun21@gmail.com

Straight male 63. Love pussy but curious. Anything goes. Love to hear from like-minded. metaljack264@yahoo.co.za

Hi I'm 34 horny 24/7 flash my dick anywhere I can I love cock so much it turns me on just looking at it get in touch kingandrew984@gmail.com and kik me sweeney31

20 year old straight male like to trade dick picture, if you send me your dick photo, i'll send you my photo underland_7743@yahoo.com

I'm a 24 South African... I have an uncut dick... Send me your pics at mrphatass01@gmail.com

I'm 31. From Brazil, crazy to have fun with 2 ou more guys, love to suck and fuck for long sex session with another guys imtheonlyone3@gmail.com

This is my first post AD on mensize, I'm looking for older man age 50+ to have cock fun in London UK nothing too heavy just light fun, I'm 50 yo If you like to meet up for light fun mail me thank alwales64@yahoo.co.uk

Please post my pic, I'm just 18 and soo horny, love to exchange pics, amcotrad7@gmail. com

24 year old straight male here looking to try sharing a webcam experience with another straight male. bbates222@yahoo.com

Hi, I'm 34 years old from Germany. I hope you like my cock and share some great pictures with me scooby1@hotmail.de

44 Doncaster South Yorkshire uk. Maybe looking for discreet hookups . Bazoozoo1@outlook.com

Great Pictures

Hi Guys I'm 63 and love looking at all those gorgeous great pictures, especially the uncut ones. Hope you enjoy mine. From peachy.drop25@outlook.com

Hi I'm 28 bi-curious looking for chat and camming email me at mikeyboy2047@live.co.uk

23, I want to trade cock pics if you send me yours I'll send more of mine.... I like pics of cumming, dlccosta22@gmail.com

Hi, I'm 37 year old bi curious who love to flash my brown cock!!! 6" long and would like to swap pics and maybe hook up with someone in the London area. Please email me on


I am a 64yo bi white male from Alberton. Love playing with older cocks.

Beautiful cock pictures guys!! Keep em cumming! 44, Phoenix Arizona area. Bi and interested in sharing pics and maybe having a beer if you are in the area. Send me your hot great pictures! gregroychndlr@gmail.com

I have just turned 18 and I'm looking for anyone in west Yorkshire who's up for a little bit of cock sucking action or just cum pics (I love cum). email me at jackhardcastle123@outlook.com

25 years male C Saldanha / Vredenburg area looking for girls / guys / swingers / just fun and exchange pictures. Email on weskuspenis@gmail.com

I'm 18 and gay bottom. I love hard cock & sucking. I would like to exchange my dick pictures. Please send yours. My email is dasr8256@gmail.com

My cock is about 6.5 inches. Love swapping great pictures and even videos want to see any types of cocks! Send my penis pics at whitejack729@yahoo.com I will send pictures whenever, of anything you want! I am 21 years old!


Hi love to share and receive great pictures. Anybody in Mumbai? Send me your pics on cromptonhigh@gmail.com. 27 yrs old.

Cock Pics

I'm 34 and would love to trade hard or even soft penis pics, compare and chat/jerk off if you like. Email is lucid_07@yahoo.com

I'm a 19 year old bisexual, I've a 7" cock. If you like mine send me a picture of yours

Hi I'm 40 and married. I'm straight accept for some incidents when at school. Came across this site and wanted you to see me erect. Would love to swap great pictures and see more and show more of my cock. spotter207@gmail.com

I am a 58 bi man who is fit and just loves cock pics. I love to suck a hard cock and maybe some ass play. I can cum twice in 1 hour and just love to fantasize about many things. There is nothing better than a hard cock. Let's exchange pics and see where we go from there. Exchange fantasies? My mail is lovecock7or9@gmail.com

Hi My name is Jim and address is weather9410@yahoo.com. I an 65 yoa. Some pics of my little cock for comments.

Hi, I'm a 42 yo male from NYC and have had a HUGE attraction to experiencing a cock for the fist time. Love seeing pictures, especially of cocks


53 mm like to look at different cocks... Chat and exchange pics... steelsupply1@yahoo.com

Please post my cock picture. I am 58 and love looking at cock pictures and vids. Looking to swap with others and meet if we are close to each other. My email is mefrank2956@yahoo.com

Hello I'm 61 Live In Anaheim, California wanting to find a discreet lasting relationship.

 I love the site cock pics. I'm a nudist, uncut, shaved and Bi or Gay depending on who I want to have pleasure with! I love oral and anal - and I can host... single or married is OK! Ready to please...  mystic_seas92805@yahoo.com

Hi, I'm 18! live in North East of Scotland. Looking for naughty cam fun, exchange pics and interested in meeting up! Message me please: xboxteen@outlook.com

51 yr old bi- curious married. Looking to trade pics, maybe meet, if there's a chemistry. Just looking to try something different. Had one encounter a couple months ago and enjoyed. Looking for like minded males in Hawaii. Message me at couple19631964@yahoo.com


North Wales based; 72 years old and Bisexual; always been keen to see cocks, real or pics. Mine is under 6ins and I prefer that size or less. Not interested in anal activity. If you like my pic and want me to see yours or chat (or even meet) you can reach me at oakanash@outlook.com

50 Year Old Great Pictures

I'm 50 and love looking at great pictures, get very horny and jerk off. Fantasize about sucking a cock to orgasm and swallowing the load. Are there others out there want the same? Send photos of your cock to my50cock@yahoo.com.au

19 Year Old Cock Pic

Hi, I am 19 years old and want to meet new  friends. Please contact me: sharpics@126.com

47 yr old married bi man. I love looking at, playing with, and sucking cock. Send pictures please.


I'm a 41 year old straight married guy who likes looking at dicks and showing mine. I have lots of pics showing me in various states of arousal. Who wants to see my rockhard dick. Let's see some of yours. All are welcome. Give me a shout at xxxman6789@gmail.com

Hi, I am Piet, 55. 18 cm uncut - now have got the urge to look at and touch a penis. Getting rather excited! Hit me with your pics, or make contact. I am from Cape Town - South Africa


I'm 28 yrs old with 9" x 6" big dick. Like showing off even in person when at gym. Email me shaunt13@rocketmail.com for swaps.

I am 37 yrs I love to look at dicks. If you like mine send me a email or if you want to send pics of yours.

age: 24
please post my pics everywhere you know

Hey guys I'm Jerry! I'm 23 and boy do I love cock i live in Houston area and am open to meeting up and playing around! I'm always horny so you can reach me at hornyboy7264@gmail.com

I'm very kinky and into a lot of things too (; please post my picture!

Hi, I'm 33 from Cape Town and would love to see yours hard and soft. nudeyogi@gmail.com

44 year old bi-curious, fascinated by cocks, cum and ass. Love to show mine and chat.

I'm looking for someone who just wants to fuck and laugh so if you think your it hit me upcantgetrite72@gmail.com 

I live in Spring TX and I'm big: hell ya!

Hey, I am 24, live in Canada & have a nice hot boner that I love to show! If you want to see more, just send me am email !!!




Cock Pictures!

55, gay man. Luv cocks of all sizes. Never met a cock I didn't like!!
Let's swap some dick pics
Hope you like mine! Joe

Hi, I am 22 yo bi from CZ with 7 inch (18 cm) long and 6.5 inch (16.5cm) ​thick, who loves showing my dick to others. If you want see more dick picture pics, please contact me on: apavel8897@gmail.com

I am 53 years old, live in canada and like to look at cocks and would like to exchange pics

I am a 62 year old male who likes to look at cock pics may also be interested in stroking your cock in NJ, USA. If interested contact me at ejacin4u@yahoo.com

Bi guy 58 looking for "smaller" guys in south west England


Hey, I'm a 45yo hairy guy who's new to the gay game, just send me your dick pics and fantasies at g_hog@mail.com and we'll see where it goes.

Hiii wanna taste my long cock....ping me at secretsexinkakinada@gmail.com

I'm 35 yr 6'1" 185 lbs 7.5 inches dick cut, I'm interested in exchanging dick (6 inches + cut) cock pictures, videos and chat

Hi, first timer here. 52 years old gay guy. I love cocks of all sizes but especially small ones as I am on the small side. I like to suck and wank cock. Would like chat and to share my pictures and videos. Live in New Zealand. Contact me at gallardocolour@gmail.com

Hi guys 47 married very horny looking for horny guys to get sexy with me. 18/50 indoors or out. hotnhorny @gmail.com

Penis Pictures

I'm 23 years old and love to see cock pics.
I'd like to swap cock pics with people close to my age, if you're interested in, please contact me at ken.cozzy1992@gmail.com

I am 65 yrs old str8 married and look for another man with a small cut dick like mine to email chat cam meet i want to suck and sucked for the first time
email me at cdma69@yahoo.com

Dick pics

Hi! I am a straight / bi curious guy and i love to share my cock it turns me on sending dick pics and dirty talking
My email is: zzz.steffano11@gmail.com and you can also contact me by kik: ilsx11, or snapchat: ilsx11

Hi I am 18 yo chubby guy from India. I have a small 4 inch dick. I love to chat and exchange pics. Interested contact me at chubbyguy1406@gmail.com

Hi, I'm 28 looking to trade pics. I love seeing dicks and I'm willing to trade. I appreciate all ages, sizes, shapes, I love them all!
My email is: jalamo8698@gmail.com

Just want to show my asian cock. hope you like it

Hi, I'm 18 bisexual. 14.5 cm cock What do you think about my cock?
Contact me ni.wa@yahoo.com

Hey I've been here before - horny cock flasher email me at kingandrew984@gmail.com

kik me andrewking547

snapchat me at cockflasher-32

I'm 34 and love showing my sexy cock. I'll share my number too if we like each other.

Hi there. Here's my cock pic.

32 yr old. I love looking at, playing with, and sucking cock. Send pictures.


Hi, I'm 40 years old and would like to trade cock pictures.

Here is my cock hope you like it.
Email me: hrddck@mail.com

Hi guys I'm 34 single gay guy I love showing strangers my cock...  it turns me on so much! kingandrew984@gmail.com If you like what you see get in touch. I'm not shy!!!

Greetings from St. Augustine, Fl. I hope to meet up with other hot men here (black men a plus) but love swapping dick pics as well tlpd1969@gmail.com

A 20 years old and 6 inch long cock looking for long and hard dicks. Send me your cock pics

45 curious to swap bud.be98@gmail.com

Hey, 40 and curious...love to swap some pics and who knows where it may lead.. here's my little fellow for starters - get me @ beffybon@yahoo.co.uk

Hi, first timer here. 59yo BiWM. Love small cocks and shaved smooth also. Like my cock smooth and like to suck cock and take cum in my mouth. Let's share shaved great pictures and talk naughty. Boston area. ringo454@mail.com

I am 61 years old my email is mrlittle@outlook.com I would like to post these pictures of my small dick in hopes that others might enjoy them thank you

Im a 21yr old black male like to swap photos and videos feel free to get at me yungwildme@gmail.com

70 year old male - compulsive masturbator. mail is akomoklitik@sbcglobal.net
enjoy c2c with other enthusiasts.

56 male, love looking & sucking cock! Need local suck buddy in scott county, ind .... send pics. I love to watch men pop a load. Let's trade oldbudtgoat2yahoo.com

Straight/curious 26 y.o in Erie, PA looking to cam, trade pics, or meet up. Looking to meet other curious guys interested in M/M encounters. curiousbest@outlook.com

20 years old, from the UK. I like to exchange pics with guys preferably around my age.

Hey guys first time in here. If you would like to trade kik me at gay_man_101 or at sr74223@gmail.com and I live in California if anyone is from here hit me up as well.

Straight Or Bi Cock Pic

Straight / bi curious white male 58, Looking to Skype, Hangout, or meet. Live in San Diego, Ca.

Straight / bi Dick Pictures

Hi, I'm a 48 yo married male that loves looking at sexy dicks. I'm hoping this will get published. I am bi. would like to see your pics. and hear about your fantasies. bruserbatt09@yahoo.com will answer all.

If you want to see more, please e-mail me at igan013088@gmail.com

Curved Dick Pictures Wanted

I'm an 18 year old man! I want to swap pics email me on manowilliams65@gmail.com
Especially brown curved dicks!

Hello there I hope you show my penis picture. I'm always horny and looking for guys to play with! I'm 20 and in Texas! So if you're discreet and want to get together I'm open for anything! (;

27 yo shaved cock. 7 inches feel free to swap pics. Mgm.goat@gmail.com

Hi I'm 52 in PA. Love great pictures on here and would love to see more or trade.

Interested in men with small cocks? See small cock pics here.

Cam Great Pictures

Hi I'm a 45 yr old bi guy from Lancaster Co, PA and looking for a little fun with guys that are within 15 years of my age. I like to trade pics, chat, webcam and would seriously like to meet up to play! I love being naked and playing outdoors! Please email me at: www.naughtythongman@yahoo.com

Trade Dick Pics

I'm 43 years old. Looking to trade pics and chat by email.

Hi, 45 year old. Bi-curious, up for pic swapping and cam. feisty70@gmx.com

44 gregroychndlr@gmail.com
Thanks for sending me all the hot pics you guys!! Phoenix AZ here. Let me know if you are ever coming through.

18 a couple of months ago and wanted to show all of you my cock. I'd love to swap pictures with anyone that wants to. Send your pics to critiqueguy@hotmail.com

I'm 45 w/m 6'2" 220lbs & I'm loving all this cock. I would like to trade pics & emails. I'm in mid-west. Dyork702@gmail.com

I am 68, wishing I had a regular gay man to enjoy my penis on a regular basis....contact me at bigred930@cableone.net

I am a 24 year old straight male. 6.5" erect length, 5.5" erect girth. I am looking to trade pics with other guys. Let me know if you want to see more. bbates222@yahoo.com

42 from Laporte IN looking for cocks to fill me at both ends

Penis Pictures

I'm 47 & terminally horny. I love sucking cock & being sucked. I would love to trade pics xrated emails or even get together in the kansas area email me at dyork702@gmail.com

I am a 64yo bi white male from Alberton South Africa. Please put the picture of my cock on your site. Love playing with older cocks.

Hi I just turned 18 about a month ago this is my first time doing something like this so if you ever want to trade cock pictures or whatever hit me up at dakodakodiak1990s@gmail.com

Hi, 31 year old male from Florida. Open to trading some penis pics, so hit me up to chat. marc83ts@yahoo.com

63 year old from Middle America. Like looking at dick cocks and stroking mine. Let's share pics. I'm at lavidaloca5580@hushmail.com.

I'm a 52 years old, very fit, 5 11" 180lbs, body completely hairless and 7.5 cut. Looking for similar fit and and hung! 100% safe, clean fun JO & frotting! Discretion is a must. Prefer to first meet on SKYPE. Only those who are serious reply with an e-mail and some pics.

32 year old, and loves cocks, let's exchange cocks pics. Love to see yours. kofemma1082@yahoo.com

Hi guys. I'm a 33 year old bi curious guy in CO. I love looking at cock and feeling it inside me. If you are interested in swapping pics and maybe more, hit me up at cochevyman81@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing what you've got!

Hi I'm 33 years old with a really small penis cyrax1808@hotmail.com Love to chat !

Great Pictures

Hi I am 60 years old and love showing my little guy as well as having it played with
would love to meet other guys with small dick uncutbob@aol.com

Hi, I'm looking opinion of my penis and contact with men who want to show me penis and tell me what they think about my penis. I'll be grateful for respond on e-mail: daniel.nelwen@o2.pl Greetings!

I am 60 years old 1 inch long and 3 inch hard canis.lupus@hotmail.fr

50 yr old from nj. love swapping great pictures, and hearing fist time bi blowjob stories email wtk533339@aol.com

I'm 56 years old, have a average 6" long 4.75 thick cock. Would like to show & share images. Do you want to exchange dick pics? Also like underwear pictures. Contact throwerr55@gmail.com

Hi I'm 23 and I would love a big daddy to trade pics with email me at r3db3ard69@gmail.com and see what happens!

68 UK love looking at great pictures and ass pics /  videos, telterri@yahoo.co.uk

Share ur pics on djbrickzb@gmai.com

Hi! I am 25 years old guy from India. I am nudist. I celebrate human nudity & sexuality. email  nicksany39@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Chas, I am 46 and enjoy having an erection. I like this to last for a while then shoot a huge cum load. I am bi orally and love to see and suck shaved cocks. I wank regularly and participate in mutual masturbation with other guys. My e-mail address is  chascrocum.viermno33@hotmail.co.uk

ron@kramercpa.com Age 27... Hi, I hope you like my great pictures. Please post.

Hi, I am 59 married and bi curious in NJ. I enjoy looking at dick pics and would like to trade pics. Would also be interested in hearing from guys who are thinking about sucking a dick for the first time. Please send me an email at i8uu82@hotmail.com

I'm a 28 year old who enjoys showing off my 9" x 6" big dick. To swap pictures to compare size email Shaunt13@rocketmail.com

I have already posted a picture but  since I posted the last time I have realized I am bisexual and I love cock.

I am 60 years old from the UK but still very pleased with my erect cock. It is 6.5” long and has a circumference of 7” at the base. I can appreciate a nice cock when I see one. They make me hard just looking at them.

Anyway love pictures of huge beautiful cock and still up for a discreet suck and swallowing a clean (married) huge load. I am 5 mikes from Oxford, UK

Male in 30's married to a woman , and very bi curious . Like looking at other dick picks . First time on this please go easy. In Illinois send me pic of your dick and I will send you mine. Email loveonit2014@gmail.com

Compare dick pictures

I'm 40 years old. I enjoy seeing other dicks and comparing shape, sizes, jerk off chat... 6 inches long when hard, cut cock. I'm average to shorter in penis size. Email is jdgien08@yahoo.com to share and compare.

Big Young Cock Pics

Hi, big young dick looking for some fun. Send email to trade pics.

Hi all 56 UK bi here love wanking and showing my cock and want wank and suck buddies email me at db1598@gmail.com chat swap pics and maybe meet

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I am 30 and bi. I love looking at other guys' cocks - it makes me hard when I know people are looking at mine! Feel free to email me and we can swap pics and vids. Email is grady.mcguire1@gmail.com or snapchat is tontostonto.

I'm 35 yrs old from USA ! I'm straight/ curious and have always loved looking at different cocks. Some I have to say look really good and makes me wish I could just wear it haha Its kinda like a weapon lol anyone want to chat or trade hit me up at highdrivenjxn@gmail.com

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AGE 54
Love swapping photos of cocks. I have a cock fantasy
Send to f2keep@gmail.com

Hi I am Serendipity and am looking to share and view cocks on line. I am not looking to meet but willing to show my cock and watch others.
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